Thursday, November 14, 2013

Supercharging your Social Marketing for your Small Business

Supercharging your Social Marketing for your Small Business

Business marketing has changed beyond all recognition since the turn of the century. Nowadays most customers will have some form of technology such as a mobile smart phone, tablet or PC. With such advanced mobile technology it is important that businesses offer a service that can reach potential customers and fans directly.

Social Media is a really fantastic way for small businesses to keep in-touch with clients. It allows businesses to inform customers about new products and services they have. It is also a very important place for a business to build good and trustworthy relationships with their clients.

There are some great ways that you as a business owner can boost your social media marketing;
  • ·         Once you have built up a solid fan base, keep them interested in your business by inviting your customers and fans to interact with you over social media.
  • ·         Get them involved in interesting discussions. This doesn’t necessarily need to be about your business or its products.  It could be about anything you think is going to spark a debate.
  • ·         Offer your audience information that they will find helpful. Give tips and advice on topics that adhere to your business. For example; a cake maker would offer tips on getting a great rise on their cakes. Also using the 80/20 principle for you content will work wonders. Use 80% content that isn’t necessarily about you business or it products and services will keep your audience interested.
  • ·         Be consistent with your posts and interaction. Take time to research when your audience is most active. This way you can invest more time to working on your Facebook or Twitter at the best times that will yield better results.
  • ·         Small businesses should take time to brainstorm ideas. Planning content for your social media marketing in advance is a must to enable smooth flowing content and interaction for customers.

Mobile media marketing is another invaluable tool for small businesses. The majority of customers have some form of mobile phone. Being able to offer your customers the choice to use their mobile to purchase your products is vital if you want to remain up to date.

The average person checks their mobile phone 150 times in any day, therefore the use of SMS media messaging is a really great form of advertising for small businesses. You have a direct link to the customer, 98% of text messages are actually read. Having the ability to send them an SMS (text message) can enable you to offer customers special deals and promotions that they can access easily. Incorporating your SMS marketing with your social media marketing will broaden your success financially. You will be able to reach customers and make them aware of any social media sites you may have running. Sending SMS alerts to your customers will give them the satisfaction that you as a business are there to help them and provide a service above and beyond the ordinary. 

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Monday, October 21, 2013

How to make SMS (Text) Marketing Work for Small Business

How to make SMS (Text) Marketing Work for Small Business

Mobile or SMS marketing is on the rise and yet few small businesses have taken advantage of the opportunities it presents. As many as 55% of businesses now have a mobile optimized website, according to a recent Econsultancy survey. This may seem like a big number but it all depends on which side of the fence you sit on. There are still a lot of businesses out there yet to establish a mobile presence.
SMS (text) Marketing should form a part of every small business’ marketing strategy because recent studies have shown that all mobile phone users use SMS for over 45% of the time. Below are some of the compelling reasons why small business owners should engage in SMS marketing:

  • 98% of text messages are read compared to 29% of tweets, 12% of Facebook posts and 20% of emails are opened. What this shows is that there is great potential with text message marketing
  • Mobile and Smartphone users check their texts an average of 150 times a day
  • For 14 out of the 24 hours in a day most users have their mobile or Smartphones within reach
  • Up to 70% of participants in a survey indicated they would like to receive coupons via SMS
  • Users will redeem SMS coupons 10 times more than email or newspaper coupons
  • The quick response time to SMS (90 seconds) compared to 2 days for an email
What therefore is stopping businesses from leveraging the growth in mobile and Smartphone usage? There are a number of reasons and these include various misconceptions about SMS marketing. The biggest one is the lack of knowledge about the rules and regulations surrounding mobile marketing. A lot of marketers and business owners wrongly believe that SMS marketing is a minefield with a lot of regulation involved.
This cannot be far from the truth. SMS marketing is quite highly regulated, just as much as the telecommunications industry. Regulation is there to protect users and marketers alike from spammers and unsolicited SMS. However high regulation does not mean complicated in any way. When it comes to SMS marketing following the following guidelines will mean you stay on the right side of the law:

  • Always confirm the subscribers opt-in with the very first message
  • Remember opt-ins expire have a system to manage opt-in expiry
  • Build a robust database and ensure data is strictly protected
  • Just with any marketing strategy do not spam your subscribers because you will lose them faster than you can say…

As you can see from the information above SMS marketing is the next revolution which holds great promise for small business. If you are not already engaging in mobile marketing then this should be reason enough to get started. Grow over the myths often surrounding the SMS marketing industry and you stand a great chance of growing your business. Mobile marketing should not be unchartered territory for small businesses. Get familiar and get profiting.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Your Room/Table is Ready...

Your Room or Table is Ready...

Have you ever went to check into your hotel room only to find out it's not ready.  Or you're out to dinner at your favorite restaurant and there's a 1 hour wait, FRUSTRATING!  Until now the only option's businesses  have had was to either ask the customer to check back every so often or use a coaster-type pager.  
What's the problem with these options?  Well, asking them to check back in is incredibly inefficient.  Instead of customers walking around and shopping at other local businesses to help boost the economy, they are just sitting getting even more impatient.  You could always use a paging system.  But this has some cons.
  • High Start-up Cost
  • Limited Range
  • Bulky
  • Non-Hygienic
  • Cannot Capture Customer Info
  • No Marketing Potential
Don't fret, there is a solutions to solve all these problems.  What is one thing almost every person has with them at all times?  Their MOBILE PHONE! By harassing a existing system we can send them a simple text message to let them know their table/room is ready.  Not only can they go about their business while they wait, but you can even send them offers to boost sales.  

Some examples would be:

"HOTEL: Your room is ready! Thanks for using our Room Alert System.
Enjoy 15% off your bill @ Hotel Restaurant. Show this message to redeem."


"FOOD: Your table is ready. See hostess to be seated. For more offers
reply with the word ENTREE & get a Free Appetizer."

A text message system from Link-Up Mobile Solutions will save you money, increase business, provide a fun, interactive way to engage your customers.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Connecting a Community


Keeping the community connected is essential in this day and age.  With more and more cell phone being activated, people look to their phones for directions, where to eat or to updated their status.

Incorporating a Mobile Text Alert System is an easy, cost-effective and reliable way to get the word out.  Whether it be to reminded residents about a downtown events or warning them about criminal activity, making sure what you send out gets read is key.  Print can take awhile to get out and the read rate is extremely low.  Email works well, but sometimes it can be hours or days before anyone reads it.  Social Media is always great and should definitely be apart of your communication efforts.  But when you really want to ensure your message that you send is read, you must turn to SMS or Text Message.

People like to stay informed and up-to-date with community happens.  Some might read the local paper.  Others utilized Facebook & Twitter.  But taking your community to the "Next Level" of marketing and communication is great way to further broaden the way you interact with residents.  Once you have a list of subscribers you can send out alerts, reminders or establish a two-way communication.  Implementing a Text Message Service is easy as spreading the word.  Using existing communication print, website, social media or in office.  Once you get the word out and people opt-in, you can then send messages out at will and know that 97% of your subscribers will read within 5 minutes.  

Because of its immediacy and viral sharing nature, SMS messaging can be very effective in helping community and emergency services get the message out. Messages can be sent at scale to inform community members of weather-related emergencies, for example, or less urgent messages, such as the deadline approaching to pay for their water bill.
Importantly, SMS can also provide an easy way for disabled (e.g., deaf or speech impaired) residents to request information or non-emergency services help.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Is There A Doctor In The House?

With the every one in such a hurry now a days, remembering your doctor or dentist appointment can be a challenge.  No longer is that a problem.  Text message to the rescue.  With snail mail postcard reminders getting lost or tossed in the recycling bin and having your receptionist call each client can be costly & time-consuming.

In swoops texting to take your communication efforts to the next level.  Having your clients opt-in to your text message platform, you can set-up appointment reminders a day, month or year in advance. Clients can just give your their mobile # and name, then you just enter them manually or have them opt-in to your keyword.

Text messages bring in a staggering 97% read rate within 5 minutes and a person's mobile phone is never more than 3 feet from them (even when they sleep).  Getting the reminder to them FAST cuts down on cancellations, late arrivals or missed appointments.  

A text message system for Link Up Mobile Solutions also works great for information sharing.  Say your a Pediatrician and have a "NEW" mom who wants updates, information or tips about parenting.  Easy, just have them opt-in to a Group keyword to receive weekly text messages.  This is a great way to engage your patients.

Dentist could always send a daily message to all their patients to "Floss".  I know if your like me, I always forget to do it and that's the only thing they seem to tell me to do when I'm in for a check up.  Since we generally are only at the dentist twice a year, you can utilize a text message service to offer promotions on Zoom or some other cosmetic teeth beautification procedure.

Help streamline your communication efforts with your patients and save money while doing it.  Your patients are MOBILE, so should the way you engage with them.  Partner with Link Up Mobile Solutions today and let's take your business to the " Next Level"

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Salons...Hair & Tanning


Salons...Hair & Tanning

 Everyone always wants to look good.  From highlights to haircuts to keeping your skin that summer golden bronze.  Salons are on the forefront of the industry on providing customers these services.
With trends changing all the time, so should the way you market to your customers. There are 5 billion cell phone users in the US and this number grows daily. Reaching them when you want is essential to boosting sales.  Text Marketing is leading the way to the most efficient way to literally get into your customers pocket.  Text messages have 97% read rate and are opened within 5 minutes.
Now I know these sounds great, but your thinking "How is this help my business?"  Good question. Building a strong, market whenever you want list.  You can achieve this by sending offers on slow days or months.  Cut down on appointment cancellations by reminding customers with a text message a day before.  Reward them for staying opted into your text campaign or send them a birthday message ( maybe with a little gift).
Keeping connected to your clientele to the one place that they will always look, their cell phone.  With them day & night, even next to them while they sleep.  Taking your marketing mobile is where is is.
Let Link Up Mobile show you how to reach these obtainable goals at a super affordable price.  I work with local, small business  because I'm a small business too.  I know how hard it is to market and the money it cost.  That's why I have figured a way to have your cake and eat it too.
So if your ready to take your marketing to the "Next Level"  Contact me today.  I have some links below.  Lots of great info on the website and be sure to "like" on Facebook to keep updated.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Understanding Your Customers




Knowing your customer is key to any businesses success. One reason customers come to your business is to purchase a good or service. Getting them to bust down your door can be a task at times. Utilizing mobile marketing to have customers knocking at your door when you want doesn't have to be Rocket Science.

People are creatures of habit.  When it's morning we want coffee.  When it's noon we want lunch. When we are on our way home from a long day at work, we want an easy dinner.  This is when you take advantage of our internal clock and hit us with an offer. 

  • 50% off a large coffee
  • BOGO free lunch (so we can bring a friend)
  •  A free order of breadsticks to go with a pizza.

Sending a offer right to their phone is instant with a high redemption, because they view the message within 5 minutes of receiving it.  No other marketing can do that.

Making your customers feel special or elite is a excellent way of getting them to opt in to your Text Messaging Service.  People want to feel like they are getting special offer that no one else is privy to, like some secret society. Offering a special sign up coupon along with promotions that only text message opt in's receive, gets people grabbing for their phones.

Rewarding your customer's for staying loyal shows that you appreciate them.  Sending them sequential messages for staying signed up 30,60,90 days even up to a year, keeps them opted in and staying loyal.  You can also send birthday reminders with a birthday gift.  Maybe a free gift, a discount or special offer.  Everyone likes to get a present on their birthday, no matter what it is.

Ever heard the saying "Its cost less to keep a customer, than it does to gain a new one." This can't be more true.  Before you spend your time and money going after new customers and clients you do not currently have a relationship with consider the following statistics:
  • Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers.
  • Referrals among repeat customers are 107% greater than non-customers.
  • It costs six times more to sell something to a prospect than to sell that same thing to a customer.

I'm not saying a business should never gain new clientele, you just need to understand that these repeat customers come back to your business for a reason, YOU!  They're your biggest fan and they will let everyone know about you and your business.  Treat them well and they will for sure return the favor with business.

Keep your customers engaged with trivia, polls or contest.  Whether is be for fun, to win a prize or to get them in your business, staying connect with your fans is key.   Sure we all use Facebook and Twitter to post everything about our lives, but reaching them on the one device that you know for sure they will read that message you just sent.  Asking about products or a favorite movie quote to who's going to win the BIG GAME.  The options are limitless with Text Message Service ( especially from Link Up Mobile Solutions).

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